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Promoted by Technocatalysts & Social entrepreneurs, Green Energy Solutions, (a techno-commercial unit inspired by Udyam Bharti Foundation), provides solutions to Rural Electricity prob lems in a unique way. It comes in a package.

Franchise offer:

For this GreenPower ™ Rural Generator, size of market is simply huge which covers all those area where animals & human do co-exist, till today, but there is no electricity. Reaching electricity  to off- grid far flung village is a stupendous task which can never be accomplished in totality  by any  single enterprise or organization.Green Energy Solution is no exception.

Green Energy Solutions offers Franchise & invites business proposal from capable & concerned entrepreneurs  who have passion & fire within, who believe in themselves & dare to do things differently.  

Entire consultancy and initial handholding -from concept to commissioning –is provided by the team of ‘Techno-Catalysts’ (Consultants) from Green Energy Solutions. Marketing know-how & support is integral part of the package. For details on business plan & product please contact us
Green Energy Solutions identifies far flung villages ,through an ever growing network of village based volunteers.Turn-key consultancy for  installation & commissioning of GreenPower ™ Rural generator system with all its peripheral applications, is provided to the buyer through  franchisee in that region.

After installation, sets up peripheral developmental systems & activities (like Multimedia education unit with TV & internet, Telemedicine unit etc), imparts necessary training to the team of chosen enthusiastic rural entrepreneurs, hands over the system set up to encourage people to be innovative & help themselves becoming enterprising & more productive. 

How to order this system:

All individuals, national & international development institutions, Govt. agencies & NGOs, working for and amongst villagers, can avail this GreenPower ™ Rural Generator on priority. It could be for their own use (Rural site offices) or distribution in your territory of influence. All they need to do is to reach us.