The Organisation
The Mission  
To promote ‘GreenPower ™ ’ Rural Generator technology as a catalyst to trigger rural creativity, development and rehabilitation…., our long cherished Goal !
To eradicate dependence on Kerosene usage from rural areas to reduce Green house gas emissions & dependence on Imported Petroleum.
To develop, promote and implement decentralized, cost-effective, renewable and sustainable bio-energy technologies to make Nation energy self-reliant.

Udyam Bharti Foundation:

Great Lord Buddha used to preach to his followers “APPA DEEPO BHAW0” which translates to
 “ Light thy candle yourself to remove the darkness around you”

Established in 1994, with inspiration from Social thinkers, revolutionary grassroot workers & institution builders, Udyam Bharti Foundation is a forum  of motivated, capable  & concerned professionals (from their respective fields) which aims at devising solutions by creating products  for all-round development of rural Indians & for fast redressal of vexed problems in  society.

Udyam Bharti Foundation, firmly believe that -

  • Unless we breed entrepreneurs & transform capable individuals into Job creators, problem of un-employment  can never ever be addressed in totality. In a country  where second largest population of the world lives, no government or society can ever provide jobs to all needy individuals.
  • Youth need to be motivated to adopt & indulge in income generating micro enterprises.
  • Development of rural infrastructure & agro-economic activities should be top priority.
  • It is the moral responsibility of all capable individuals, not living in villages, to contribute in this direction to the extent of their abilities

With all these thoughts in mind, Udyam Bharti tries to invent need specific, innovative products & solutions to address the issues discussed above.

At Udyam Bharti Foundation, each product is an outcome of huge thought process.

3. Achievements so far ….

Till date, Udyam Bharti has been able to create two unique game changer & transformational  patented products:

Green Power Rural portable Generator

It has potential to trigger a green revolution of energy kind. It can catapult India towards energy self reliance. Up to 300000 MW of decentralized power can be created in 0.65 million villages through this device.

Learning from mistakes of many crude efforts undertaken in past by various agencies and after 18 years of research and field trials in developing foolproof adaptation methodologies, now it has been launched in India by Green Energy Solutions, a social entrepreneurship venture from Udyam Bharti Foundation.


Whether off-grid or Grid connected,because of frequent and unscheduled outages , usable electricity is practically unavailable in most of the villages. Continuous absence of this vital developmental resource has created social imbalance & absence of opportunities for rural Indians. In process, millions of skilled and unskilled villagers do migrate to towns & cities in search of better prospects, leaving everything else behind. This trend is destroying the very concept of ‘Village as an institution’ creating many problems for villages & cities alike, in short and long run.In Indian context, Cities, towns and urban settlements absorb approx 33 % of our population and are overburdened already ! Increase in slums, un-hygienic lifestyle & spurt in petty crimes are some of the symptoms of this malaise. These cities, townships and urban settlements , at the cost of villages, are no solution to 70 % of our problems related to Rural India.

Using Animal-traction-power for various applications is practiced since beginning of human civilization. In Indian context, it is a country of 0.65 million villages where approx 70 % of its population lives and are directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture related activities. India has one of the oldest traditions in rural industry. These industries based on technologically feasible and economically viable technologies like Potters wheel, weavers loom & Oilman’s ‘Kolhoo’ (Crusher) etc were the backbone of rural economy from times immemorial. They suffered serious setback due to onslaught of large scale technologies after the industrial revolution. No systematic work was done to improve the technology of the rural areas in their own settings. Mahatma Gandhi tried, in his own way, to revive & put a new life in them. It is due to his sustained efforts and the direction he gave, that consistent effort was made by successive governments to improve the rural technology that enabled it to survive, even now.

 During the course of Industrial revolution, we took our natural resources for granted and exploited it recklessly as if there is no tomorrow. Result is in front of all of us to see. Only planet supporting life is planet earth which nurtured civilizations for thousands of years in past. It has been so badly hit in last 100 years of Industrial revolution  that the survival of human being itself is threatened now. Damage due to Carbon emission, Ozone layer depletion, Climate change, Global warming, Melting of polar Ice caps etc etc are the topics of the day to day discussion everywhere. The legacy, we left for our future generations to inherit, will  ultimately perish them, a typical dooms day scenario !

 This is high time we mend our ways and pledge to adopt drastically different ways of development, adopt ‘Green’ Philosophy of life to conserve remaining resources and save nature against further damage  and destruction !! Incidentally, traditional Indian way of life was compatible to ‘Green’ Philosophy & nature friendly. We need to revisit the point from where we drifted in wrong direction of development….

 Green Energy Solutions is doing exactly the same, a small corrective step in right direction through improvisation of traditionally existing technologies, wherever feasible.



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