Domestic Multiutility Robot:
This is another unique product brought forward by Udyam Bharti foundation.

This customizable Domestic Multi-utility Robot tries to answer and more in the most concise manner.

Salient features & Applications patterns of Domestic Multi-Utility Robot:
A movable Robotic Spacesaver Domestic Furniture. It is….

The Most attractive possession of any household
An age-proof toy like Humanoid companion for your child
Best gift for your child on his/her 5th Birth day & onwards
Remote controlled movement & Operation
Space saver Size ( 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 5 ft.) with fibre wheels.
Created out of wood & plastic fibre
An innovative substitute for
a Dressing table,
b Dining space for 4,
c Music station,
d TV stand &,
e Newspaper and Magazine display rack ,
A Creativity booster companion work station for growing kid ( 5 year onward):
a A multipurpose Creativity workstation with Study desk for 4,
b Built in tracing top with lamp and fan (to boost drawing skills),
c Built in Music station with karaoke & Keyboard (to boost overall sense of music both instrumental & vocal)
d Electronic hobby kit with built in audio-visual display & multitude of logic circuits
e A folding White /Black board (to play teacher teacher !)
f An attractive display shelf & a kid-friendly cupboard etc.
g Built in fuzzy intelligence
It spreads the feel good feeling to the owner at most affordable prices. This is an Ideal must have for all homes & primary schools.
Why this product
Can there be an optimum solution to address many of our home related day-to-day problems when at times we feel that we don’t have plenty but still want to live a contented life ?
Can there be any system which…..
Helps to optimize available monetary resources and simultaneously allows us to possess all necessary physical things for a home situation ?
Provides child a permanent electronic, digital toy & a multipurpose workstation which stimulates & nurtures creativity - dream of each parent?
Brings best technological inventions (Robotics & Rocket science) into the realm of day-to-day domestic life so that, at least on thought level, nothing remains “Rocket science”!
Encourages child to think beyond the petty things, far far away, ultimately nurturing & fueling creative thought process.
Yes, there is a solution ! Solution is Domestic Multi-utility Robot:
This product has been created for all homes.
A famous philosopher has concluded his thoughts in following line ,
‘Never let school interfere with Education” – Mark Twain
In the hustle and bustle of our day to day struggle of life, we tend to forget the Basics . Despite popular belief, a child’s future can never be shaped by any school where he spends max 4-6 hours a day. Remaining 18-20 hours he spends in family, at home. All the value system , culture ,mannerism and ambitions are nurtured & shaped there. Most of us have wrong expectations from schools & in process we try to cover up our own mistakes. Home & family is the first & last place for child’s education.
Children are the most valued futuristic assets of any family. We aspire and try to provide the best facilities at almost any affordable cost. We try and buy best toys at any cost but interestingly, toy becomes old & un-interesting for the child in very short time, and it is abandoned mercilessly. Helplessly, parents try to decorate these in their showcases to justify investment for some time.
With spiraling real estate prices, the living space in towns & city homes is shrinking by every passing day.We buy & populate available space with various furniture items & domestic utility appliances which is supposed to make life easier & comfortable. What we don’t realize is that In process we end up cramming & cluttering the available precious little home space for ourselves & our beloved children.
This customizable Domestic Multi-utility Robot tries to answer all this and more in the most concise manner.

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