Green Energy Solutions, Bangalore India (a startup venture from Social Entrepreneurial sector) proudly announces the launch of ‘GreenPower ™ ’ Rural Generators, probably invention of Gandhi’s Dreams. This is one such revolutionary device which promises empowering farmers of approx 0.65 Million villages in India and millions outside India to become self reliant in terms of electricity generation and usage for their own consumption- so vital in today’s energy hungry world.

GreenPower ™ Rural Generator Technology is a perfect blend of ancient & 21st century technologies, which generates electricity at the point-of-consumption utilizing locally available bio-resources, abundantly available across the planet.
Salient features of this technology & Product:
This energy can be utilized in villages for following (Applications)
  • Battery charging for home lighting (LEDs & CFLs),Mobiles & TVs
  • Water lifting and pumping for drinking & Irrigation
  • To bring in Telemedicine facility to villages
  • Multimedia Education& Internet centre in villages
  • Powering tiny Agro processing industries
  • Discouraging Kerosene usage for lighting
  • Income generation, employment creation & entertainment
  • Introduces a new concept of ‘Electricity farming by farmers’
  • Simpler, Down-to-earth, farmer-friendly, sustainable & adaptable technology.
  • Saves on grid infrastructure investment for rural electrification
  • It creates off-grid, decentralized & pollution-free GreenEnergy using locally available abundant, in-exhaustible Bio-resource.
  • Maintenance-free automated operation.
  • Potential to revolutionize rural energy scenario & usher in era of Energy Self-reliance
Another revolutionary product to address another common problem…  
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Yes, there is a solution ! Solution is Domestic Multi-utility Robot

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